• Commercial/Offices, Condominiums, Houses, And Apartments

    Whether our services are needed one night each week or every night, our customers know they can rely on us to keep their corporate offices, buildings, houses looking great. We listen to our clients and their specific needs, and then match our equipment and schedule to meet them. We are also committed to using first class products for a healthier and more environmentally friendly workplace. Our attention to the details of cleaning specifications makes our services worry free!

  • Medical And Health Care Facility

    Our staff is specially trained to meet the standards of maintenance and cleaning in health care facilities. We use only Certified Products, and Only authorized and qualified workers are assigned to a customer’s property. We are in strict compliance with the existing regulations that the corresponding authorities demand.

  • Theatres/Entertainment/Events

    We understand that our performance is critical for the success of your performance in movie theatres, stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, convention centers and concert halls. We service many indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities and have extensive experience dealing with changing seasonal climate conditions. We handle pre-performance preparation as well as post-event cleanup, including: pressure washing of sidewalks and buildings, cleaning of windows and awnings, graffiti removal, parking lot sweeping, striping and general painting. We also recognize the need for safety protocol, and are prepared to handle the scheduling demands of any facility.

  • Restaurants

    We clean all surfaces and equipment, from tables and chairs to entrance ways, dining rooms, restrooms and kitchens. FHC helps you achieve and maintain a clean environment for your employees and customers in the dining areas. We promote the highest standards of personal and environmental hygiene, to ensure elimination of odors and contamination.

  • Schools/Educational Facilities

    We recognize that sanitation, cleanliness and safety in educational facilities are important to the quality of education and also to the perception of parents, staff, regulatory agencies and the community. We bring professionalism and cost effectiveness, which contribute to confidence in the quality of education.

  • Financial Companies/Banks

    When a spotless and functional environment is part of the customer’s experience and reflects on your financial company’s image both you and your customers benefit. Your image amounts to one of its most important assets. Outsourcing helps to provide a consistent image from branch to branch. You have safety, security and environmental concerns, which FHC makes its top priorities. We follow standard processes to ensure high quality in every location. Quick responses to emergencies are handled through our 24-hour call service. You get consistency in our service and in cost control. FHC follows correct accounting, disclosure, reporting, and hiring practices so that you can have the peace of mind that maintenance and cleaning services are managed properly.